LM CEO Emil Sarkissian Featured in Loyalty360 Thought Leadership Series

LM CEO Emil Sarkissian Featured in Loyalty360 Thought Leadership Series

Loyalty Methods (LM) CEO, Emil Sarkissian joins Loyalty360 CEO, Mark Johnson for an episode of Loyalty360 Thought Leadership Series. The Series features leaders in customer channel and brand loyalty about technologies that impact the ability of brands to drive unique experiences and engagement.

In this segment, Emil touches on trends that clients are looking for when they engage Loyalty Methods to help improve customer experience.

“The number one thing, I think, is speed”, Emil says, there are two aspects of the speed component that clients need to be aware of. First, is the speed at which the customer experience runs.

Today’s customers expect and demand real-time interaction with the program, do they get their points immediately after purchase or do they have to wait a day? Brands must be capable of meeting this demand or their customers will go elsewhere.

The second aspect of speed is how fast can marketers and the internal organization deploy new tactics to the marketplace? Marketers “want to operate almost instantaneously to match market conditions as they’re changing”, he says.

Large organizations have many layers within that can add time to bringing new features such as new bonus offerings or product discounts, to the marketplace. These two aspects are what Emil identifies as the top demands from his clients.

In addition to speed, another key feature that brands look to Loyalty Methods to help improve on is differentiation. The challenge becomes how do you create new ideas for features of a program that are not too similar to other programs while staying true to the client’s business model?

Watch the video for more insight into today’s trends in customer experience strategy and loyalty marketing technology.

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