7-Eleven Powers 7Rewards with ReactorCX

DALLAS, February 10, 2020 – Loyalty Methods (LM), a Customer Experience and Loyalty Management company has partnered with 7-Eleven, a leading convenience store retailer, to deliver a full implementation of LM’s new cloud CX platform – ReactorCX – powering one of the most feature-rich, innovative, customer-centric, and high-scale loyalty programs in the retail world – 7Rewards.

ReactorCX connects more than 9,500 retail stores throughout the US and Canada to deliver a real-time experience to the millions of 7-Eleven customers frequenting stores as well as all 7-Eleven digital properties including 7Rewards, 7Now, Mobile Scan and Pay, Augmented (AR) Gamification, and Fuel Rewards.

Deployment of the new system with LM’s proven Threadsync™ methodology ensured that the parallel cutover would result in a zero-downtime switch between the legacy system and ReactorCX. LM carried out the cutover instantly without any disruption to the end customer or the internal 7-Eleven marketing teams.

7-Eleven is one of the biggest digital innovators in retail and with the help of ReactorCX the road is clear for exciting future development. Our team at LM is thrilled to be able to contribute to this success and is looking forward to setting new standards for customer obsession, customer-centric innovation and validated-learning in a fast-paced retail environment.

Technical Excellence

  • Flexible and comprehensive REST APIs that enable easy connectivity between customer touch points such as multiple types of POS systems and Mobile Apps.
  • Comprehensive Event APIs, delivering near-real-time events to the enterprise regarding every member interaction within the loyalty system, enabling instant communication, fraud detection and other near-real-time use cases.
  • Real-time response times for end customers have dropped 30-40% compared to the previous solution, averaging around 200ms.
  • Data Warehouse refresh can be done every 30 minutes compared to once a day.
  • The AWS-powered platform now supports more than 10 times the current system requirements and is poised for growth in both user base as well as new rich capabilities.
  • Modern, microservices-based architecture enables optimal scaling strategies, blue/green deployments, ability to support a store network that never sleeps – 24x7x365 – without any downtime whatsoever. Forever.

Advanced Program Capabilities

  • Flexible real-time loyalty engine able to issue rewards for any activity, purchase or non-purchase, store or digitally.
  • Support for multiple currencies, such as points, punch cards, etc.
  • Real-time centralized discounting engine with combo, mix and match, ticket-level and other types of discounts, including automatic real-time optimization of best discount for your customers based on current purchase.
  • Support for complex promotions with the ability to express rules based on any criteria, including location, day part, segment membership, age-verification, and other criteria.
  • Ability to execute long-running promotions, such as challenges, streaks, refer-a-friend, etc. as well as smooth integration with AR games and face filters.
  • Real-time personalized member messaging to drive excitement, provide useful reminders, request feedback, etc. via different channels, such as in-app overlays, SMS and email.
  • Near real-time Data Warehouse solution, updated every 30 minutes, which provides access to rich analytics data, powering many pre-built reports and dashboards, as well as accounting and reconciliation needs.
  • Program initiative delivery time and error rates have dropped, allowing for more experimentation in the market, faster reaction to changing market conditions and generally improving the life of marketers.

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