CX Insights: LM CEO, Emil Sarkissian Chats with Kathy Ireland about Successful CX Solutions May 14, 2015

Loyalty Methods CEO, Emil Sarkissian, sat down with Kathy Ireland, on an episode of Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, recently to discuss the keys to implementing a successful Customer Experience (CX) solution. CX implementations can become quite complex, Emil noted, however zeroing and focusing on these key areas can help to reduce some of the complexities that are typically found in these types of projects. Those areas include the following:

  • Pick the rights strategy that will resonate with your target customers and one that will leverage the uniqueness of your business model.
  • Ensure that your technology solution is comprehensive and spans every touch point that your customer has with your brand.
  • Establish processes to consistantly measure your program and learn more about your customers.
Check out the video for more of Emil’s insights into CX solutions.

The Value of Loyalty Data Apr 17, 2015

When people think of loyalty programs, it often brings up the issue of purchase frequency. So much so, that the pioneers of loyalty – the airlines – called loyalty programs FFPs, or Frequent Flyer Programs. The idea was to give people a reason to come back and purchase flights more frequently by accruing virtual currency value such as points or miles.

While repeat purchases drive revenue in a big way, the value of the data provided by loyalty systems is often overlooked, and yet this data often can be leveraged to drive relationship marketing and effective customer experience (CX) strategies.

Why is data collected from a loyalty program so valuable? Because the program incentivizes customers to maintain the same identity in their dealings with the brand, which in turn presents opportunities for understanding individual behavior, personalizing brand communications and generally driving a much more intimate dialog with customers than is otherwise possible.

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