The Marketing Machine

We can build almost any combination of the following components and integrate them with any infrastructure. We're experts at combining your systems with our end-to-end CX solutions and creating a "marketing machine".

  • Intelligence

    This is the analytical brain of the marketing machine. We use BI to not only hear our customers, but also understand what they mean, by interpreting their interactions, identifying patterns and deciding how to respond.


    A systematic way of dividing your customers into subsets, by geography, shopping behavior, demographics, etc; in order to build a target-marketing strategy to communicate with your customers.

    Marketing Optimization

    Optimization is all about finding the most effective mix of channel, message, and timing and spend for your most valuable customer segments. It’s about rational use of marketing resources.

    Data Mining/Modeling

    Enables your organization to run predictive models based on statistical analysis, apply various scores and specific segments – for example, “morning coffee drinker”, “power mom”, etc.
  • Data Storage

    This is the memory of the marketing machine. When LM was founded, relational databases (RDBMS) were the undisputed king. Today this marketing component encompasses a range of NoSQL, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) databases, In-memory databases, Girds and RDBMS technologies, each housing specific types of data and suitable for horizontally scalable B2C operations of specific types.

    Data Services

    We guide you through the maze of architectural options and show you the way to best house your structured and unstructured data, and ensure your use cases are handled at scale.

    Content Services

    Content marketing is unthinkable without a secure, systematic, versioned and collaborative view of your digital marketing assets. Our content services implementation team is able to help you move off file-based storage and into truly collaborative content development.
  • Data Management

    This is the data cleansing piece of the marketing machine. We help you avoid the “garbage in, garbage out” problem by thinking of data hygiene right from the start, and making it a first-class citizen in our designs.

    Customer Lifecycle Management

    Creating a single view of the customer is a challenge well known in a lot of organizations. Customers can appear on different channels, supplying partial data, making it difficult to de-duplicate and standardize records into your customer master. LM has the expertise to address these challenges and maintain the coherence and unity of your customer master, representing your marketing audience.

    Purge and Archival Services

    As your databases acquire and capture more and more transactional data, it may become necessary to reduce the size of your main data store and move some old data into archive. While many projects make this an after-thought, LM has invested in building products and processes to enable archiving millions of records with zero down-time and zero impact to your systems, thus improving the performance, usability and maintainability of your systems.
  • Application

    This is the operational brain of the marketing machine. It’s about executing day-to-day operational business rules, responding to customer interactions, often in real-time or near-real-time, performing the basic functions of deploying messaging and offers, and collecting and validating input, including customer acquisition, transactions and activities.

    Loyalty Management

    The system for enrolling and managing your loyal customers should be seamless and powerful. It should not only be the best at managing accruals and redemptions, but it should be flexible enough to extend those key data points to every customer touchpoint in your organization as well as to every employee.

    Campaign Management

    Once you are able to truly know your customer and their interactions with your company through business intelligence and segmentation, LM provides the capability to manage all aspects of talking to them. This includes maintaining marketing programs and campaigns, running triggered and automated campaigns, collecting response and attribution data.

    Contact Management

    Acquiring customer profile information is key to understanding who your customer is, not just an email, phone number, or address; but a customer’s email preferences, or opt-in, or opt-out, for instance. It may even be extended to include what seat, or favorite beverage they like while traveling. In any case, LM can determine what the best practices are for a wide range of options.

    Transaction Management

    Customers engage with your business across all channels. It is the job of transaction management to collect, organize, standardize and properly attribute these interactions to the right customer. This is not just about POS transactions or online purchases, but includes non-purchase behavior, such as social interactions, in-store activities and participation, referrals, and so on.
  • Integration

    This is the nervous system of the marketing machine. This layer deploys messaging and collects interactions between your marketing machine and its channels.

    Real-time Interfaces

    Today’s customer is hurried, distracted and impatient, clicking and swiping away from your app or site in mere seconds. That’s all the time you have to make a positive impression and to deliver a gratifying experience. LM works hard to enable industry-standard and custom real-time interfacing, to ensure that the “moment of truth” is delivered each and every time to your customers.

    User Interfaces

    Delivering beautiful web and mobile UI to customers is paramount, however, it is also important to empower employees inside your business with creative and intuitive user interfaces, designed to match the reality of their daily interactions and optimized for each channel. For example, imagine a loyalty contact center agent, whose home screen provides answers to 70% of customer’s questions without any further clicks. No awkward silent pauses, no frustration, no fumbling around.

    Batch Interfaces

    In some cases real-time interactions are not necessary or economically feasible due to extremely heavy volumes or due to other constraints in the feeds being processed. For those situations, LM provides years of experience optimizing batch schedules, delivering a supportable, maintainable, predictable, adaptive batch scheduling framework.

Interaction Channels

These are the limbs of the marketing machine. The key concepts to managing an omni-channel presence are consistency and relevancy. It is the optimal orchestration of these touch-points that ultimately delivers the experience to your customers.

Strategy services

We have a tremendous amount of cross-industry experience that will help
define your strategy, as well as avoid the common pitfalls of program design.

Loyalty Strategy Development

We can help you craft a truly differentiated program that is based on the strengths and unique features of your business. We make sure you are not creating a “me-too” loyalty offering.

Relationship Marketing
Strategy Development

Creating a relevant dialogue with your customer is a big part of what we do. It’s not just the technology to slice and dice audiences, and blast messages. It’s about making the conversation meaningful.

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