Customer Experience at Scale: Go Beyond Transactional Loyalty

A real-time, cloud-based, multi-channel customer engagement and loyalty platform. Introducing ReactorCX.

Built on a scalable big data technology stack, ReactorCX leverages an adaptive integration layer to enable quick and easy multi-channel solutions that integrate well within your infrastructure.

ReactorCX delivers the key features and functionality required for today’s Customer Experience solutions.

Real-Time Loyalty Engine

A fully configurable, real-time loyalty rule engine, enables end users to configure a wide range of loyalty promotion rules using a simple point-and-click interface.


  • Real-Time, Blazing Fast Earn/Burn at Big Data Scale
  • Driving Rewards from All Purchase/Non-Purchase Activity (e.g. enrollment bonus)
  • Tracking Multiple Virtual Currencies (Point Types)
  • Configurable Automatic Point and Tier Expiration Rules
  • Automatic Return Policy Management
  • Automated Point-to-Reward Conversion Based on Preferences
  • Tracking Multiple Tier Types
  • Anonymous Member Tracking and Conversion


  • Flexible Visual Rule Designer (no coding required)
  • Flexible Ticket and Item-Based Earn/Burn rules, Based on Multiple Criteria:
    • Preference
    • Product
    • Location
    • Time of Day/Week/Month
    • User-defined


  • Rewards Engine for Reward Earn/Burn Integration
  • Preference Center for Preference-Based Earn/Burn Integration
  • Personalization Engine for Targeted Earn/Burn Rules Integration

Fully Configurable Rewards Engine

Manage all types of rewards for members and non-members alike, powered by the Reactor CX Rewards Engine.


  • Supporting Single-Use and Multi-Use Rewards
  • Supporting Member and Non-Member Rewards (e.g., incentives to join)
  • Configurable Expiration Rules
  • Personalized 1:1 Rewards (via Integration to Personalization Engine)
  • Program-Earned Rewards (via Integration to Loyalty Engine)
  • Detailed Reward Usage Tracking


  • Flexible Eligibility and Discount Rules, Based on Multiple Criteria:
    • Preference
    • Product
    • Location
    • Time of Day/Week/Month
    • User-Defined

Member Preference Center

Flexible preferences can be tracked for members and non-members alike with personalization for how people want to be recognized, rewarded and receive information.


  • Extensible preference model
  • Historical audit trail for changes
  • Ability to load inferred preferences
  • Clear separation of user-specified and inferred preferences
  • Location-based preferences
  • Time-based preferences
  • Product-based preferences
  • Loyalty Rewards-based preferences
  • Preferences to support clienteling

Additional Features

Personalization Engine with robust personalization that enable several key features.

  • Export data from ReactorCX to third-party packages such as R, SAS, etc. for analysis and advanced modeling/segmentation.
  • Import defined segments and associate them with specific targeted Loyalty promotions and 1:1 targeted rewards/offers.
  • Export personalization attributes to communication platforms such as Exact Target, Responsys, etc. via batch and/or real-time triggers.
  • Export personalization attributes to power Machine Learning platforms for real-time offers, next best action recommendation engines, etc.

Analytics Dashboards allow tracking program success metrics in near-real time with existing BI setup.

  • Enrollment channel metrics
  • Membership growth metrics
  • Non-member conversion metrics
  • Tier migration metrics
  • Segment metrics
  • Earn/Burn breakout by common dimensions such as Location, Product, Currency, Member Attributes, Tier, etc.
  • Consumption of Non-Member vs. Member metrics
  • Reward utilization metrics
  • Promotion participation and effectiveness metrics
  • Preference management metrics

Unlike many commercial off-the-shelf Applications, ReactorCX provides consumer and employee-facing tools built on the exact same APIs available to you.

ReactorCX was built as an API-first application, with well-defined REST-ful APIs that reach deep into the functionality of the platform.

REST APIs with a comprehensive set of REST-ful APIs can be leveraged to integrate the platform into your existing enterprise applications.


  • Build or integrate existing mobile applications
  • Build or integrate existing web portals (self-service, profile integration, etc.)
  • Integrate Point-of-Purchase systems (POS, e-Commerce, Reservations/Booking, etc.)

Event APIs publish enterprise grade events that can be used to implement a number of near-real-time features


  • Use events to drive program email communications
  • Build real-time analytics solutions
  • Provide real-time audit and fraud prevention solutions
  • Integrate with financial, CRM, and other back-office apps

Adaptive Integration Approach

Simply handing off an API to your enterprise IT staff means risk to deadlines, budgets and objectives. Our experienced approach combines technology and the process to ensure you are well supported through implementation including those steps built by your own development teams.

ThreadSync, our proprietary development method, organizes channel system integrations into a coherent, focused, repeatable and coordinated process.

Document APIs with samples for several different types of client technologies (e.g. Java, Node.js, Curl, etc.)

SandBox environments to ensure integration concerns are detected early in the process and addressed before they impact budgets and delivery dates.

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