Loyalty Methods has been delivering highly successful CX implementations since 2007.


Our mission is to help companies build and support large-scale customer experience solutions; to do it safely, simply, quickly and elegantly.

We’ve learned a lot along the way, including how to communicate with a variety of systems.

We’ve created products to keep communication between those systems and our loyalty system, fast and simple. We have immersed ourselves within our customer’s operations and learned the importance of integrating with numerous systems and partners.

We’ve learned so much that we’ve developed products to ensure that the management of those complexities is repeatable and straight forward.


ReactorCX is LM’s real-time, cloud-based customer engagement and loyalty platform. It is built on a scalable big data technology stack and leverages LM’s proprietary adaptive integration layer to enable quick and easy multi-channel solutions that integrate well within your infrastructure.

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CRM CloudBox is our Siebel and OBIEE cloud-based, production hosting platform. You can now also have fully-configured Siebel and OBIEE environments for your development, test, and proof-of-concepts labs that can be created in minutes.


Does it take an act of Congress to integrate new partners into your Siebel Loyalty system? Do you struggle with managing hundreds of partner transaction feeds, each with different requirements for formatting, transport, frequency and response?


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FST is a protocal adapter, designed so that you can quickly build an extremely fast, efficient, and “hassle free” transport from any connected terminal to your back-end systems, such as Siebel Loyalty, Siebel Marketing, OBIEE, RTD, etc.



ESP Pipeline, helps facilitate personalized communications, whether it be via email, or social channels, to any targeted audience that you can define. The new LM ESP Pipeline enables a 360-degree view into the performance of your campaigns, by providing the capability of exporting all of your segmentation analysis to your email service provider; and imports response metrics back in to close the loop.



Do you keep on adding hardware to your Oracle Transaction Processing system (including Oracle’s Siebel or E-Business Suite) when you should be deleting data instead? Somerset is a data retirement and archiving solution that removes data with minimal performance degradation and zero downtime to help return your system to a healthy equilibrium. Read more about Somerset.


We guide your efforts with a time-tested, 100% successful methodology we call ThreadSync™.

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