Cloud Hosting Services

Loyalty Methods Cloud Hosting Services leverage an automated, scalable platform which allows us to host your applications in the AWS cloud.

LM’s Hosting and Support Services make it easy to deploy applications at scale, utilizing AWS to seamlessly extend your data center:
  • Use our hosting to confidently acquire on-premise applications and host them in the cloud. Never worry about servers, storage and operations.
  • Optimize your existing infrastructure by replacing it and extending it with AWS-based resources.
  • Experiment and learn in the cloud. Use our ability to provision fully configured application environments within minutes, and only pay for what you use.

We make infrastructure easy and simple to operate so you can concentrate on your business.

Application Support Services

While implementing applications can be a significant achievement in itself, the application is not successful until it is stable, operational and SLA-compliant in your production environment. Depending on your organizational needs, LM can complement, or fully take over support for your applications.

Application Backup
and DR

Our database operations team understands the importance of keeping your data safe and backed up.


Our support services are configurable, offering service windows up to 24x7 and response times of up to 15 minutes with a target resolution of 30 min for critical cases.

Enhancements and
Defect Resolution

Our team can quickly incorporate fixes and enhancements as you get used to your application and discover edge cases that need attention.


Production deployments require tremendous care and change controls to ensure business is not disrupted. CX is a customer-facing function requiring strict discipline.

Application Health
Checks and Monitoring

Staying proactive and providing effective problem management in addition to issue resolution ensures stability of your production environment.


With pre-packaged apps, you can’t always change the SQL generated. That’s where creative and insightful database tuning can change the game. We have some of the top performance DBA talent in this area.

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