My Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks and Loyalty Methods partnered to deliver the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program on a new, high-performance platform.

My Starbucks Rewards will recognize and reward customers whenever they pay with a registered Starbucks Card. The program is already a huge hit with customers. This program recognizes and rewards loyalty when customers pay with a registered Starbucks Card and is a very popular program for millions of Starbucks customers.

It’s not every day that Loyalty Methods gets to work with a top marketing and IT talent in a retail company that generated more than $10 billion in revenue in 2010, with a net income of just under $1 billion. Given the popularity and visibility of the My Starbucks Rewards program as well as its impact on incremental revenue, the stakes were high. We are happy to report that the LM and Starbucks team worked together to deliver a successful, scalable and powerful solution.

“In Q3 our My Starbucks Rewards program drove significant incremental business for us, and in fact, was cited in a recent customer survey as a top reason for increased visitation versus six months earlier.”

Howard Shultz
CEO, Starbucks

Key Benefits That Starbucks Realized

  • Parallel System Migration (PSM) cut-over method transitioned old system to the new system, with zero downtime and zero customer impact.
  • Interface-by-interface cut over allowed for verifying each customer-facing interface before deciding to continue cutting over the next.
  • Eliminated per-transaction costs associated with the externally hosted legacy system.
  • A new and powerful way to define ad hoc promotions which will help further capitalize on the already effective and successful My Rewards program.
  • Unprecedented scalability with a batch-engine component that delivers roughly 1 million transactions processed per hour.
  • Groundbreaking store integration speed. Store transactions are processed in real-time at volumes exceeding 300tps and end-to-end response times below 300ms.
  • Project delivered in record time. Taking under 9 months for backend and website processing and an additional 3 months to roll out POS adapter to more than 6800 stores.
  • All of this done with 7 Loyalty Methods employees at peak work-load time. Go live in the last 5 months supported by only 5 LM employees.

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