C21 Stores Responsys Personalization

Loyalty Methods delivers LM ESP Pipeline to enable Agile Personalization with Responsys at Century21 Stores.

Loyalty Methods (LM) has worked with a number of customers who have either moved to or already own, Oracle Responsys, Oracle’s cross-channel marketing solution. During the course of supporting those customers, we identified a need for creating a product that allows users to take full advantage of their marketing-system investment by adding the ability to transfer data to and from their Siebel Loyalty Marketing/Oracle Business Intelligence solution to Responsys.

The new tool helps facilitate personalized communications, whether it be via email, or social channels, to any targeted audience that you can define. The new LM ESP Pipeline product was recently implemented at New York City-based Century 21 Stores which now provides their marketing users a 360-degree view of all their campaigns run, no matter from which system the campaign originates from.

LM has included many features that make this product the go-to solution for integrating Siebel Loyalty Marketing solutions with Responsys. The ability to export any analysis created in Siebel Loyalty Marketing to Responsys and the ability to receive response files back from Responsys provides a complete end-to-end process for ensuring that marketers understand how their campaigns are performing is a critical need that LM Pipeline resolves.

In developing the product, LM sought to make it as flexible as possible, we ensured that the users would be able to send a one-time transfer, or schedule for different times of the day so that you can limit the impact to daily operations. LM also configured the tool to allow for adding any amount of columns in the exports as long as the fields are part of the analysis. Users have the ability to send analysis directly to Responsys, or they can segment directly in Responsys, and because the responses are returned to Siebel they will never lose the ability to analyze all campaigns.

LM understands the needs that marketing departments have, especially when new enterprise investments are made at their companies. LM ESP Pipeline has been optimized for use with integration to Responsys, however, the flexibility is such that the product can be configured for any Email Service Provider (ESP) as long as it can support the file structures.

“The LM ESP Pipeline enables C21 Stores to deliver calculated data points to Responsys from Siebel and OBIEE generated analyses. These data points trigger and drive targeted, personalized, guest communications in programs set up in Responsys. Responses from campaigns are passed back to our CRM solution providing a 360-degree view of each campaign. This feature greatly improves our ability to understand message engagement and track resulting sales.”

Valentino Vettori
Chief Marketing Officer, Century21 Stores

Key Benefits That Century 21 Realized:

  • In-channel, agile personalization capability using profile extension data
  • Ability to quickly load data from OBIEE directly to Responsys.
  • Capture response metrics of campaigns for campaign performance analysis.
  • Flexible scheduling to send load one time, or periodically at any interval.
  • Capable of exporting any amount of columns from an analysis.
  • New feeds can be created by business users without the need for IT involvement.

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