Century 21 Stores

Century 21 Stores partnered with Loyalty Methods to successfully deliver a unified CRM loyalty-marketing platform for the well-known New York discount retailer.

The newly released system will provide C21 with improved capabilities for segmentation and target marketing; faster and more flexible Business Intelligence reporting; and omni-channel, bi-directional integration. The system is a core foundation necessary to obtain the goal of a 360-degree view of their customers.

In addition, C21’s new system is completely hosted on CRMCloudBox, Loyalty Methods’ Amazon Cloud-based Siebel hosting services. The combination of Loyalty Methods’ expertise in the area of marketing-analytics platforms and the flexibility of building development, test, and productions environments using CRMCloudBox, allowed C21 to realize a fast go-to-market initiative. The project took seven months from planning to release.

With the success of this effort, Century 21 Stores has established core marketing capabilities and a solid foundation for building further channel integration, advanced predictive modeling and campaign targeting, as well as further insight through Business Intelligence tool.

“Loyalty Methods brought a very high level of expertise within the OBIEE technology platform, and a keen understanding of our downstream business needs.”

Harry Roberts
CIO, Century 21 Department Stores

Key Benefits That Century 21 Realized

  • Consolidation and initial data migration of the customer base and marketable audience across disparate channels.
  • Integration with Responsys to deliver automated and ad-hoc marketing campaigns, as well as to collect email response and online purchase attribution data
  • Integration with C21’s Store Systems Platforms to allow targeting promotions at the POS, as well as measuring campaign performance directly through POS discount codes and indirectly through inferred responses
  • Integration with product catalog and order processing systems for in-store and online commerce, to provide an up-to-date picture of sales, tender and loyalty earn/burn.
  • Integration with in-store, online and third-party customer acquisition sources to capture, reconcile and consolidate customer information.
  • A set of 9 Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) reporting and segmentation catalogs to allow for ad-hoc queries, advanced segmentation through slicing and dicing the CRM data on all aspects of the retail operation.
  • A set of 16 OBI dashboards showing up-to-date snapshots of commonly used metrics for purchase behavior, loyalty, comparative analysis of the frequency of visits and time between visits, demographic analysis, and other retail reports.
  • Consolidate its target audiences into a single customer master data mart which was then used to feed marketing campaigns.

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