Mexico City-based, Ampersand, selected Loyalty Methods and the Implementation and Advisory Services (IPAS) to review the overall performance of their Fiesta Rewards loyalty program.

Loyalty Methods, a Rythmos Inc. company, conducted a thorough review of Ampersand’s program and database, covering all areas such as program configuration; real-time interface designs; batch processing; data integrity; and database performance. The resulting recommendations document provided Ampersand with many options for enhancements as well as best practices for improving their day-to-day operations. Each recommendation included technical documentation as well as strategies to improve performance and resolve data integrity issue before they occur.

Once the final document was published, Ampersand engaged LM to assist with implementing the recommendations throughout their infrastructure.  The two-month project allowed Ampersand to quickly reap the benefits of IPAS, with improved server performance during batch processing and a better understanding of resolving data issues. LM technical teams were able to work directly with Ampersand technical teams, thus providing knowledge transfer and insight into the changes being made and how to conduct monitoring and analysis when future problems arise.

“Since the first approach with Loyalty Methods, we felt we were in the right hands. Besides their deep technical expertise, they focus highly in results, always applying a practical approach to bring optimal solutions.”

Cuauhtemoc Galvez
CTO, Ampersand

Key Benefits That Ampersand Realized

  • Improved batch processing time, from eight hours down to one.
  • Provided a library of SQL scripts to quickly monitor and analyze data integrity problems and maintain excellent data quality.
  • Reduced real-time integration steps during the redemption-booking process to eliminate timeouts and improve customer experience.
  • A new error-logging framework established throughout the program infrastructure to help technical teams in troubleshooting future problems.
  • Created a new framework and file-structure that allows Ampersand to better analyze, stage, and deploy changes in the future.
  • Conducted knowledge transfer sessions to Ampersand technical teams so that they can quickly determine problems.
  • Implemented best practices in setting up batch-integration processes, real-time integrations, and application configuration.
  • Improved efficiency of the loyalty engine to process transactions as fast as possible.

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