Over the years, we have perfected the execution of CX efforts, to the point where we have created a repeatable, proprietary process, targeted specifically towards these types of projects.

We call it ThreadSync™.

ThreadSync™ brings with it the following
Features & Benefits:
  • Optimized for CX Projects
  • Optimized for Remote Execution
  • Agile in Nature
  • Feature Driven
  • Parallel Execution Tracks
  • Works in Iterations/Builds
  • High End User Involvement
  • High Integration Partner Involvement
  • Design to Reduce Noise, Increase Focus
  • Proven Delivery Method (7+ years of 100% success)

Ask The Right Questions

At Loyalty Methods, we answer the questions that most companies have, and drive a truly differentiated CX strategy.


Who is our customer? A question often difficult to answer with fragmented data across customer touch-points. Consolidating customers across channel touch-points is critical to building and understanding your audience.

Customer Acquisition

Where do our customers come from? Answering this question is essential to building an effective, omni-channel customer acquisition strategy.


How are customers interacting with us? What are they saying on various channels? Collecting and organizing these responses is critical to maintaining a relevant dialogue with customers.


The ability to identify customers and attribute interactions to them allows us to become good listeners. We use BI to not only hear our customers, but also understand what they mean, by interpreting their interactions, identifying patterns and deciding how to respond.

Marketing Audience

What do we say to whom? Knowing customers allows for deciding what message/action will work best for each segment of our audience.


Over time, the marketing machine allows us to learn the right combination of where, when and how to interact with our customers to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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